Common collocations

May 11, 2012

A collocation is a common word combination. It is made up of two or more words that always go together in the same order. Examples are: burning desire and heavy smoker. There are several different kinds of collocations.

There are a large number of collocations in English. It is not easy to learn all of them, but you should be familiar with the most important ones. In this lesson, you can find a list of common collocations made with the words make, do, have, take and break.

Verb Collocations

Here are some examples of the verb collocations.

Have a headache / a haircut / have a holiday / have a relationship / have a rest / have a problem / have a bath

Break a window / break a leg / break the law / break a world record / break someone’s heart / break the rules / break a promise / break the ice / break a habit / break the news

Take a break / take an exam / take a seat / take a taxi / take a look / take a chance / take notes / take a rest / take someone’s place

Do good / do harm / do business / do a favour / do exercise / do one’s hair / do one’s duty

Make a journey / make an offer / make arrangements / make a suggestion / make a decision / make an effort / make an attempt / make an excuse / make a mistake / make a noise / make money / make a fortune / make love / make peace / make progress