Eating out: sample conversations

June 8, 2012

Practice sentences are a great way to improve your English speaking skills. Here are some sample dialogues about eating out.

Conversation 1

Situation: Ram invites his friend and colleague Anita to eat out with him.

Ram: Let’s eat out, shall we?

Anita: Oh, no. I’m broke. I have already gone through my salary.

Ram: It’s alright. Don’t worry about it. It’s my treat.

Anita: Really? How sweet! You’re such a generous guy!

Ram: I’m quite nice too.

Anita: So, where are you going to take me?

Ram: You’re a very special person so I will take you somewhere special.

Anita: But where’s it?

Ram: My kitchen.

Conversation 2

Situation: Susie thanks her friend Mary for treating her to a delicious meal.

Susie: Thanks for lunch. It’s the best meal I have had in days.

Mary: I’m glad you liked it. I, too, enjoyed it very much.

Susie: Next time lunch is on me.

Mary: Are you serious?

Susie: Yes, I am.

Mary: OK. Next time you’ll treat.

Susie: It’s a deal.

Reserve a table

Situation: Aryan makes a phone call to a restaurant to reserve a table for him and his friends for dinner

Hostess: How can I help you?

Aryan: I would like to reserve a table for eight for nine o’clock.

Hostess: It looks like you are a large group. Would you like to reserve a private dining room?

Aryan: That sounds interesting.

Hostess: All right. May I know your name, sir?

Aryan: My name is Aryan. Aryan Menon.

Hostess: All right Mr. Menon. We have reserved a private dining room for you for 9 o’clock. Thanks for calling.

Aryan: Thank you very much.