Expressing surprise

March 8, 2013

A simple way to show that you are surprised by what you have heard is to use the word Really?

  • ‘You know what? Jane and Peter are getting divorced.’ ‘Really? Why? What happened?’
  • ‘Susie is quitting her job.’ ‘Really? Is she nuts? Why should she quit such a well-paying job?’
  • ‘I don’t think that it’s a good film?’ ‘Really? I liked it very much. In fact, I’ve already watched it three times.’
  • ‘Albert has no manners. I invited him to my party the other day and he was rude to everybody. I’m not going to invite him again.’ ‘Really? I thought he was a nice guy.’

If you find something unbelievable, you can use the structure That’s incredible!

  • ‘You know what? Jane works three jobs in a day.’ ‘That’s incredible.’
  • You ran ten miles in an hour? That’s incredible.
  • She earns a six figure salary? That’s incredible.
  • That boy survived a fall from the fifth floor? That’s incredible.
  • Susie broke up with Peter? That’s incredible. Who thought this could have happened? They were madly in love with each other.

If you are pleasantly surprised or amused by something you have heard, you can say ‘That’s amazing.’

  • He spent 2000 dollars on that laptop? That’s amazing.
  • She spent seven days in the jungle? That’s amazing.