Idiomatic expressions with sick

February 13, 2013

Sick is used in a number of idiomatic expressions. Here is a fairly exhaustive list of them. Each idiom is followed by its meaning or definition. Example sentences are also given.

As sick as a parrot

If you are as sick as a parrot, you are very happy or disappointed about something.

  • What happened? You look as sick as a parrot.

Be worried sick

When you are worried sick, you are very worried.

  • Why didn’t you call? I was worried sick.

Call in sick

To call in sick is to call your office to tell them that you are too ill to work.

  • Whenever she wants to hang out with her boyfriend, she will call in sick.

Feel sick

When you feel sick, you feel as if you are going to vomit.

  • I feel sick. Where’s the bathroom?

Make someone sick

To make someone sick is to make them very angry or upset.

  • The way he treats his stepchildren makes me sick.

Take time off sick

If you take time off sick, you do not go to work because you are ill.

  • She took time off sick for over a week.

Sick and tired of something

When you are sick and tired of something, you are very unhappy about something.

  • I’m sick and tired of living in poverty. I must find a job.

Sick at heart

  • When you are sick at heart, you are very unhappy.

Sick to your stomach

When you are sick to your stomach, you have got this feeling that you are about to throw up food. Not just food, but unpleasant sights can also make you sick to your stomach.

  • Their suffering made me sick to my stomach.