Idioms and expressions beginning E

January 15, 2013

Here is a list of idioms beginning with the letter E. Each idiom is followed by its meaning or definition.

Each to their own

This expression is used to indicate the fact that different people may have different likes and dislikes. The expression each to his own is more common in American English.

  • ‘I don’t understand why he should keep snakes at home.’ ‘It might seem strange to us, but each to their own.’

Eager beaver

The phrase eager beaver is used to refer to a person who is excessively industrious and zealous. Unfortunately, being an eager beaver doesn’t always guarantee success. In fact, most of them don’t rise to the top.

Eagle eyes

Eagles are known for their eyesight. If you have got eagle eyes, you will see just about everything. No detail is small detail for you.

  • He has got eagle eyes. You can’t hide anything from him.

Early bath

This expression is mainly used in British English. To have an early bath is to have to quit or lose one’s job or position earlier than expected.

  • She had to take an early bath because of some differences with the top management.


Early bird catches the worm

This expression is used to mean that people who start early have better chances of success.

Earn a living

To earn a living is to earn money.

  • I earn a living by writing for websites.

Easier said than done

If you describe a job as easier said than done, what you mean is that it is more difficult than it sounds.

Easy as ABC

It something is as easy as ABC, it is very simple.

  • The test was as easy as ABC.

Easy come, easy go

This idiom is used to mean that money earned without much effort is likely to be spent faster.