Idioms beginning with letter O

December 6, 2012

Here is a list of idioms and expressions beginning with the letter O. Each idiom is followed by its meaning or definition. Example sentences using them are also given.

On the dot

When something happens on the dot, it happens exactly at a given time.

  • The meeting will start at 10.00 on the dot.
  • We will leave at 4 pm on the dot. If you’re late, we will have to go without you.

On time

When something happens on time, it happens at the scheduled time. It is neither early nor late.

  • It is important for the meeting to start on time.
  • The train arrived on time.

On the cutting edge

If something is on the cutting edge, it uses the most recent technology.

  • Hollywood action films are popular all over the world because they make use of cutting edge technology.
  • The lab facility is on the cutting edge.

Once in a while: occasionally

The expression now and then has similar meanings.

  • Susie still calls me once in a while.

Over one’s head

If something, for example, a theory, is over your head, it is too complicated for you to understand.

Almost everybody has heard about Albert Einstein, but for most people his Theory of Relativity was over their head.