Sample conversation between friends

March 22, 2012

Here is a sample conversation between two friends who meet each other at a park. When friends meet they talk about a lot of things like work, family and health.

Alice: Hi, Kate, how are you doing?

Kate: I’m good and you?

Alice: Very well, thank you. I’m pretty busy these days.

Kate: Really? What is it that keeps you busy?

Alice: Well, now my younger son too has started going to school. In the morning, I have to drop him at school and then in the afternoon I have got to pick him up. I have also got to help them with their home works and projects.  And then there are the usual stuffs to do – cooking, cleaning, washing.

Kate: Oh, I see. How’s your little boy?

Alice: He is doing good. Quite excited about going to school.

Kate: That’s cool.

Alice: By the way, what about your daughter? How is she doing at school?

Kate: She is doing well. I have also enrolled her at a music academy.

Alice: Oh, really? Does she sing well?

Kate: Reasonably well. She is learning the violin at the academy. That’s her favorite musical instrument.

Alice: That’s impressive. Well, I must be going. Have got to wash some clothes and cook dinner. See you.

Kate: Take care.