What’s the 8-digit code for Disney Plus?

The Mandalorian on Disney Plus

Disney has undoubtedly gathered a lot of attention in recent years with the MCU and their new streaming service, Disney Plus. At first, we have to admit that the streaming platform of Mickey Mouse and Co didn’t offer much compared to the competition. But now, with exclusive shows such as Star Wars Mandolorian, you could be tempted. However, what’s this 8-digit code that’s being required upon your first login on Disney’s service? We will tell you all about it in the following guide.

Why am I receiving this 8-digit code message from DisneyPlus.com/begin?

If it’s your first visit to the Disney+ platform, then this is most likely the first message you are going to encounter, regardless of which device you are using. In case you already created a Disney+ account, this code of 8 digits will be used to link your device to this account.

What’s the URL of Disney Plus Begin?

First and foremost, if you are looking for an easy way to start the subscription process with Disney+, the easiest way is to use Disney Plus Begin. To do so, you can enter the following URL web address in your favorite browser:


Depending on your location, the site will automatically direct you to the right Disney+ network. From there, you will be able to create an account and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs.

To know exactly how to set up your account or troubleshoot any problem that may arise from the subscription process, please continue reading our guide below. The latter will save you a lot of time and even (perhaps) a headache!

How to setup Disney+ with the 8 digit code, our step-by-step guide

So now that we properly introduced you to Disney Plus Begin, let’s begin (no pun intended) your Disney account setup process, shall we? Here are simple-to-follow instructions:

  1. Open the Disney+ application on the device you want to use to watch Disney movies and series. It can be your Xbox, Playstation, Firestick, Android TV, Smart TV, etc.
  2. Once the Disney+ app is open, a message will appear with the infamous 8-digit code. Leave this window open for now.
  3. Enter the following URL in a web browser on a device of your choice: https://disneyplus.com/Begin
  4. From there, it will ask you to enter a code with 8 digits. As you may have guessed already, this is the Disney code window we left open in Step 2. Enter it as requested, and follow the instructions by entering any additional information such as email address and password.
  5. The Disney app will then automatically log in, and you will be able to choose a subscription plan and watch all the Disney content that your heart desires.

Why my 8-digit code from DisneyPlus.com/begin is not working?

This problem may be due to a number of reasons, the most common one being that your internet had a problem or a disconnection issue during the account verification process.

To remedy this problem, the quickest way is to simply delete the Disney Plus app from your device, turn your device off and on again, and then reinstall the Disney application. Once that’s done, go over the same steps we went through in our above guide.

If the problem persists, we recommend contacting Disney Plus Customer Support.

Do I need to pay to activate Disney Plus?

Yes, Disney+ is not a free service and requires a monthly payment subscription in order for you to be able to use it. That being said, the payment and offers will vary from one country to another. In Asian countries, for example, the service is called Disney Hotstar and is generally less expensive than its western country counterpart.

In the US, Disney+ costs around $8 a month, or $80 for a yearly subscription. We recommend getting the latter, so you can save a bit of money (about 20% of the full price) and on top of that, you won’t have to think about resub fees every month.

Is Disney Plus worth it?

As we mentioned in our introduction, the offer was pretty thin at the beginning, but now, Disney’s streaming platform is full of interesting content for the whole family! Of course, you will get all the Marvel superheroes movies such as The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Black Widow, but that’s not Disney’s only attraction. Pixar’s latest creations such as Soul are also part of the platform’s offerings.

Moreover, you get a bunch of well-made documentaries, exclusive series such as Wanda Vision and Mandolorian, and everything Star Wars related, like The Bad Batch. Furthermore, all the X-Men movies are there, as well as some old-school classic movies such as The Fox and the Hound, Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Beauty and the Beast. Finally, you even get a few oddballs such as the Die Hard or the Rocky complete franchises, perfect if you are an 80s and 90s action flick lover.

I can’t log in to Disney+, what do I do?

If all of a sudden, you can’t log in to your Disney+ account, we have a couple of fixes for you to try out:

  • Verify that your information, username, and password are good.
  • Try to change your password and log in again
  • Sign out of Disney Plus on all your devices and sign in again to see if that solves the issue.
  • Clear your cache memory and your cookies from the device you use to watch Disney+ and try again to log in.
  • If you are using a VPN, maybe try to disable it to see if your VPN is causing the Disney Plus login issue.
  • Close and restart your device using the Disney+ app, as well as your internet router.
  • Make sure your Disney+ subscription is up-to-date.

If none of the above works, then you will need to contact Disney+ customer support.

In Conclusion

And that concludes our complete guide to create a Disney Plus account and logging in with the 8-digit passcode. We hope this was useful to you and that you will have a lot of fun watching Disney movies and shows.

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