Natural Remedy Or Tonsils Extraction: How To Remove Tonsil Stones Permanently?

Tonsil stone

Tonsil stones, also called tonsillitis or tonsilloliths or salivary gland stones, are little white colored balls that grow around tonsils. They can lead to serious bad breath issues if not treated properly. From hydrogen peroxyde mouthwash to surgical tonsil extraction, there are many ways to get rid of tonsil stones. Let’s review the different cure options, along with causes, symptoms and prevention of tonsil stones.


Main Causes For Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones are a buildup of bacteria, mucus and food particles accumulating and hardening around your tonsils. They look like little white colored balls and if they grow so rapidly, it is because tonsils are just the perfect environment for them to thrive.

Stones can appear for different reasons, the main one being a bad mouth hygiene as food particles keep agglomerating in the pockets of your tonsils. Mouth dryness is usually an amplifying factor as it help them to harden.

Other common causes for apparition of tonsil stones are allergies and sinus problems as they usually lead to excessive mucus production. This explain why people with post nasal drip often have tonsil stones as a side effect.

Most Obvious Symptoms

The most common symptom of tonsil stones is to have a chronic funky breath smell. Other various symptoms also include severe pain in the inner ear, soreness in the back of the throat, excessively swollen tonsils, chronic mouth dryness or else a nasty taste in the mouth.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you can check yourself if you are infected. Just look into the back of your throat in a mirror. Push back your tonsils (e.g. with your finger or a toothbrush) and check if you can see any white debris around the crevices. If you do, then you must act shortly to avoid they continue growing in number and worsen your symptoms.


Treatments, Cures & Prevention

There are two different ways to get rid of tonsil stones. One is a surgical extraction of the whole tonsils, the other is though natural remedies.

Stones Removal Through Surgical Tonsils Extraction

There are some treatments for fighting tonsil stones, but they generally don’t work that well, which leads us to the next step: surgery. In this case, we often speak of tonsil stones surgery, but it is actually not only the stones that are extracted but the entire tonsils that are removed so that stones can not come back. We call this process a tonsillectomy. Although it is the most simple solution to get rid of stones, it is actually not the best as even with no tonsils, stones can come back.

Note also that this surgery can be very expensive and takes weeks to recover from. It is indeed and intense and painful procedure with no guarantee of efficiency.


Home Natural Remedies To Get Rid And Prevent Tonsil Stones

On the other hand, there are several natural remedies that can help to fight tonsil stones at home. Although it can take longer to get rid of, these solutions have proven their efficiency and can save you from unnecessary pain and recovery. They can also be used for preventing stones from appearing or coming back.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract has powerful anti-bacterial properties and can help to block the production of the bacteria responsible for stones by your tonsils. Adding a few drops of the extract in a cup of water and gargling your mouth out with it for at least 5 minutes before spitting out also helps to stop mucus, food particles and other debris to keep accumulating and hardening.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Gargling your mouth with hydrogen peroxyde is also an effective cure as it creates a foam which dislodge the stones easily. Just add 5 drops of a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to a cup of water and gargle your mouth with it before spitting out and rinsing your mouth with an anti-bacterial mouthwash.

Nasal Irrigation

If your tonsil stones are caused by allergies or sinus problems like post nasal drip, the best way to fight it is to do salty nasal irrigation. Indeed, salt will help to break the mucus buildup.

Just put a clean squirt bottle of saline solution in your nose while tilting your head all the way back and squeeze the bottle into your nose in order to send the mucus and post nasal drip towards the back of your mouth. Once in the back of your throat, try to gargle it, avoiding swallowing it if you can. Rinse your throat, preferably with anti-bacterial mouthwash.


Probiotics are “good” bacteria that help your body to function well. They are mainly located in all body flora, like gut, gastric, intestinal or else vaginal flora. Paradoxically, they also help fighting “bad” bacteria in your body such as the one responsible for tonsil stones. In this case, the best choice is oral probiotics such as Blis K12, which are made specifically for rebuilding and maintaining the healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in your mouth.

In addition to fight and prevent tonsil stones from appearing, probiotics also help to reduce chances of getting cavities, to protect from oral health problems like gingivitis, to remove plaque from your teeth and make them look whiter or else to stop bad breath issues.


There are other natural cures for tonsil stones but these are the 4 the most effective. Which one worked the best on you?




  1. Nydia Coyle

    Hi. The site is great: it has a lot of
    valuable information and is easy to find. I learned
    a lot from here, so I want to ask about a recommended book as the best natural remedies:
    What do you think, it’s worth buying, is it too cheap?
    Thanks and hugs!

    1. James V. (James)

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your message! We haven’t red this book yet, so we cannot say really. But there are probably interesting information in it. Just keep in mind that natural remedies are often the result of what our ancestors could observe, and often not scientifically proven. So keep in mind that there are probably many realities and make sure to check scientific source if you use a natural remedy as a long term solution for any health issue you may have.

  2. Amanda N Werner

    It hurts.

    1. James V.

      Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. It is true that although the operation is performed under general anesthesia, the drugs prescribed by doctors generally do not fully cover the pain, the intensity of which varies from person to person. This pain is due to scarring and can last 10 to 15 days depending on the patient. It is usually localized to the mouth, throat and ears.

      On the other hand, once the pain is over, say goodbye to bad breath! Worth it, right?

  3. Nonye

    I’ll try.

    1. venran47

      Hi Nonye,

      Good luck! Let us know about the results, we’d love to hear your experience 🙂


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