How to raise a Healthy Baby

The importance of the first few month in life

The very first years in anyone’s life are determining factors in what will happen next, for them. If all goes well, they can grow up and be whatever they would like. But if they are not attended to, as they should be, it could cause them serious harm, that they would have to live with, for the rest of their lives. Here are suggestions to help you raise a healthy baby.

The Importance of the First Years of Life

The growth of their kids is usually the most important thing for all parents. However, we can make mistakes. The early years will affect the rest of a baby’s life, starting with how they perform in school, to how they integrate into society. Enhancing the baby’s brain activity is one of the key actions that parents should treat as a priority, in the first months of their child, but also as they grow up. If you want to learn more on infants and kids, you can also visit

From Birth to 3 Months

The relationship between a newborn and its parents is usually created by the sounds he makes. If the parents are attentive to the need of the child, during that period, that will build on his sense of trust, onto others. A baby that is able to grow a strong bond with its parents, will usually become a positive element, inside society, later on. Although you should never leave a baby on his stomach alone, playing with him during the day, while he is in that position, will help him to build-on muscles in its arms, neck and legs.

From 3 to 9 months

At the age of three months, the baby is starting to really learn. First thing they will do, is roll over. Eventually, they will end-up in a sitting position. They will require lots of attention and the more you will give, the more it will comfort them. They will grow stronger physically, and you will have to feed them solid food. Start giving them nutritious food, right from the start. Good eating habits are actually created, from the very first moment you start feeding them.

From 9 to 18 months

This is the age of exploration. The baby wants to discover everything there is to see and touch. They will also want to taste everything, so be careful that there is nothing around them, on which they could choke, if they place it inside their mouth. Keep them busy at all time; it is the only way for them to grow healthy.

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