Superstitious beliefs and storytelling about the cardinal bird

The symbols behind the apparition of the cardinal bird

In your childhood, you may have heard many superstitious beliefs about various animals. For example, the presence of a black cat could mean bad luck, an owl could bring calamity into a family, and so on. If you are a big fan of myths and incredible legends, the story of cardinal birds and their spiritual significance may interest you. Continue reading and explore the things this little bird could bring to your life.

Get to know more about a cardinal bird

The cardinal is considered one of the most beautiful species in the world. It is a passerine bird in the Cardinalidae family, originating from North and South America. American colonists named these wonderful birdies “cardinal” since their plumage color is similar to the vestments of Roman Catholic cardinals. Nowadays, their name is also used for describing a shade of red as well.

A cardinal is characterized by a vivid red plumage and unique black mask. However, we can also find cardinals in orange and rarely in bright yellow colors. In fact, the brightness of its feathers mainly depends on the diet. About the size, the adult cardinal’s body is normally not larger than 23 centimeters or 31 centimeters with a wingspan, while the female average size is slightly smaller than the male.

Why does the presence of a cardinal mean spiritually?

Native people believe that a cardinal is a messenger from heaven who brings love and care from your loved ones who have passed away. It means the deceased is always by your side and you don’t have to feel lonely. Therefore, anytime a cardinal appears in front of you, someone you love may come back to you and give you a blessing. Take time to feel their love and feel comforted.

Moreover, if you meet a red cardinal on your bad day or when you feel discouraged, we believe that God wants you to keep going despite all difficulties and persistence will eventually reward you. Hence, the presence of a cardinal symbolizes hope like the light in the darkest night.

What does the presence of a couple of cardinals signify?

The coming of a couple of red cardinals is considered a positive omen as well. In addition, this may be a message from the universe to tell you that it’s time to appreciate your life as well as the beauty of the nature and creatures surrounding you. Also, do not forget to take care of people you love. Embrace every moment and stay positive!

What happens if you spot a cardinal near a window?

As we mentioned above, a cardinal is a representative of departed loved ones who miss you and desire to contact you. Also, it may be a sign of great fortune. For that reason, if a little red-feathered creature appears at your window, there is nothing to be worried about.

Nevertheless, in case a red cardinal suddenly knocks on a window with its beak, according to superstition, this incident is a bad omen that people you love may depart from this life soon. However, you don’t need to be too anxious about this since it’s just an ancient belief without any scientific proof.

Is it good or bad to see a red cardinal in your dreams?

According to superstitions, a dream is a way for God to communicate with you. About cardinals, if you dream of these birds and see them happy, it means that something you hope may become true and nothing can stop you. Thus, let’s wake up and start your day with a smile!

How to attract cardinal birds to your house?

If you would like good fortune coming to you faster, or just desire to appreciate the beauty of cardinal birds, below are some tricks to make your house more liveable for this wonderful species:

  • The first condition is that you must live in their native habitat; North and Central America, South Canada, or some parts of Mexico. Besides, they are also widespread in Hawaii, California, and Bermuda.
  • Nothing is more attractive than food so just buy bird feeders, fill them with cardinal’s favorite foods like berries and sunflower seeds, and then place feeders in your yard. We recommend hanging them on a tree or near bushes because our feathered friends will feel safer when there is somewhere they can hide.
  • Owing to the fact that cardinals, similar to most other creatures, need not only food but also water, you may find a small birdbath and put it on the ground. It is a perfect way to provide birds with water.
  • Another important thing is shelter. Cardinals love nesting in trees and shrubs about 1-6 meters above the ground. If your garden is full of greenery, you may have a chance to see these lovely birds.

And these are the interesting myths about the cardinal bird that have been passed down from generation to generation. Thus, the next time you see this little red bird pass by, you can smile as a good thing may be coming soon to your life. On that note, we wish you good luck and happiness!

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