The Characteristics of Eye Color: How they affect Your Personality

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You may never have wondered about this, but according to your eye color, some personality traits may be found in you. Of course, they do not define who you are, and what you will become entirely, but it is proven that they affect your life and therefore modify your personality.

What is the Most Attractive Eye Color?

That is probably the easiest question to answer when it comes to eye color. It seems like most people around the world have a preference for blue eyes. You find them everywhere, from songs to poems, to paintings. Is it because they are the rarest? No, that would be green eyes. So why are they so attractive to us?

There is a sense of liberty that is found in blue eyes. They remind us of open sky or the deep blue sea; places that seem endless. There is also some sense of purity to the color, as it brings us back to a time where we were naïve and waiting to understand the world. Blue is calming and peaceful, two things most people look to find in their lives. But as you will see below, when we explain the qualities shared by people with blue eyes, they are not necessarily that kind of individuals. In fact they are more into action.

Eyes are the Mirror of the Soul

You have probably heard this said before: Eyes are the mirror of the soul. If they determine a part of our personality, do they also explain who we are? They partly do, but not necessarily because of their colour. When you look into someone’s eyes, you will find much more than just the shade. Eyes express our deepest emotions. It is a place where we can recognize the people we love. Exchanging a look is more than just seeing; it is a voyage inside the other person, where we discover who they really are.

Studies on Eye Color

Many people have taken an interest in understanding how eye color can affect one’s personality. What most of them have come up with, is that the hereditary factor can help explain the link between eye color and personality traits. If you come from a lineage of brown eyes, chances are the eye color will have been somewhat important in the personality of your family, as all, if not most of them would have had brown eyes. But then again, this can be said about 90% of the population. Does that mean that they all have the same personality? Of course not.

The eye color from one individual to another always varies. There are different shades of brown, blue, green, and they can change throughout a lifetime, for some more than others. If you really wanted to analyze the effect of someone’s eye color on his life, you’d have to take that in account. But there are elements that can be generalized to each eye color, as you will now discover.

Brown Eyes and Personality

Since brown eyes represent 90% of the population worldwide, it is more difficult to generalize the personality traits to such a large number of individuals. But there are tendencies that have been proved by the various studies. They show that people with brown eyes tend to be more creative, optimistic, independent and reliable. What differentiates them most is the fact that there are fewer dreamers than people with other eye color. They can also be quite stubborn in some cases.

Gray Eyes and Personality

If you meet someone with gray eyes, be aware: They can be inconsistent and go from one extreme to another. You can associate the color to a rainy day or to the fury of a blade. Some individuals with gray eyes are more stable than others. In these cases, you will either find they are always electric or completely relaxed, all the time. It is hard to gain the trust of someone with this eye color. They tend to be suspicious and weary of others. But if you manage to do so, you will have gained a friend forever.

Blue Eyes and Personality

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, people tend to love blue eyes. Even though it is not the most uncommon colour, they are disappearing as time moves on. People associate blue eyes to happiness, and it is true that children featuring blue eyes are more cheerful than other. Is it because they are given more attention that they become strong leaders? Possibly, but it brings other sentiments less noble, as they can also hate easily and become bullies.

Green Eyes and Personality

If you have green eyes, you are part of an exclusive club. This is the rarest eye color. There is something magical about green eyes. They can easily charm you and bring you into their world. Green eyed people tend to be good listeners, showing great patience. But if you do them wrong; run! They can become quite vicious…


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