Going from Dark Hair to Blonde: Here are Three Ways to Do So


Changing appearance radically can be a good thing. But then you need to make sure that the results will be impeccable, otherwise, you are heading straight for disaster. When you think of changing your hair colour from dark brown to blonde, various solutions are available for you. Whatever you do, make sure to let the people closest to you know before, so they don’t faint when they see the new you!

Choose Your Method

This time you are ready: You have made-up your mind and you are going to take the big step, changing from being a brunette to a blonde. The methods to get there are quite different and you should make your choice only once you’ve read this article completely. Note that these are the most harmless ways to change the colour of your hair, from dark brown to blonde.

NOTE: Before you read the techniques below, here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to dye your hair, especially if you go from dark hair to blonde. Make sure you follow them if you don’t want to have any issues with your hair afterwards.

First, let’s state that although all these techniques can be done at home, it is recommended to see a professional for best results possible.

When you start the process of going blonde, don’t go too fast and don’t overdo it, even if your hair is not as blonde as you would like it to be. After five sessions, you need to stop and let your hair rest for a while. These are chemical products you are using, and you can really damage your hair, if you don’t respect certain rules.

When you choose the product to dye your hair, check the expiration date and stay away from cheap products if you don’t want to have to do special treatments later on, because it has damaged your hair. Once you start the process, you need to buy specialized products to take care of your hair such as shampoo, masks and balm for dyed hair. They will protect your colour and keep the hair healthy.

Highlighting: The Gentle Method

The best way to lighten hair colour is to do it gradually. That way, it doesn’t damage the hair structure, and it also lets the people around you get used to your new personality. That is why highlighting is called the gentle method. By making strands of hair gradually lighter, you can become fully blonde in a matter of a few sessions. At that time, you can decide which shade of blonde you desire to be.

If you decide to choose highlights, you can either go to a beauty salon or do it at home. This helps if you want to save some money, as colouring can be quite expensive when done by a professional.

To proceed at home, you will need: A hair-dye in the colour of your choice, some bleach, a brush, a container to prepare the mixture, a wrap and either foil or a special hat with holes, to let the strains you want to dye outside and keep the other ones inside, so they will be protected. You can actually find complete kits to proceed in parapharmaceutical stores, which is more convenient. Start by highlighting a few strands, and then select the ones that are untouched the next time. Do so every session until your hair is completely in a lighter colour. These sessions should not be held more than once a month. You should be able to cover your hair entirely in three sessions. The only thing left to do, in the fourth session, is to choose the final desired shade of blonde you want and go for a complete dye. Welcome to the new you!

Coloring: Full Blonde

It is possible to lighten your hair all at once. If you prefer to do so, you will still need to carry out the process in stages through five sessions, in order to become full blonde. Again, you can still go to a beauty salon or do it yourself by using an ammonia hair-dye or a sparing mousse.

Ombre or Overgrown Blonde: For the Fashionista in You

If you have dark hair, you are lucky. Why? Because you can create so many different hair styles by changing the way you dye them. If your goal is still to go towards becoming blonde, you can proceed through the technique of ombre, also known as overgrown blonde. As the second name indicates, it consists in dying the hair strains (or your complete hair), but not all the way from the roots.

There are two main advantages to using this technique: First, it does not affect the roots, which can become a problem in the long term. Secondly, you don’t have to go to the hairdresser all the time, since the look just grows with you. Ombre is very fashionable. Your entourage and strangers on the streets alike, will think you are hip and cool.

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