Oxford University is going through a Tough Time in the Eyes Britons

Oxford University Library

Some of the best students in the world attend the University of Oxford, and that includes ones from New York and other States in America. It can be compared, in terms of level of quality in the education field, to Harvard, in Boston. But the university is currently going through a difficult time, in terms of its image in the UK, and it could become financially disastrous, in the near future. Here is what has been going on over the last few years that has caused the Britons to create a love-hate relationship with their top education institution.

Left and Right Wingers have their Own Issues with Oxford University

It is becoming more common knowledge that the Western world is separating itself in two groups, that don’t have much in common anymore, in terms of how they envision the world that they want to live in. However, Oxford University finds itself in a strange situation, as both the left and right wings of society have a problem with it. Regarding the first group, they still see the institution as elitist, even though most of the ideas coming out from the school are definitively leaning in their direction. As for the right, they see Oxford as part of the Woke movement, which they consider to be part of a cancel culture that they despise. Yet, most of the young adults that attend the school come from wealthy families that have links to the right. That doesn’t stop new students to flock there, though, as they move to Oxford, thanks to the help of companies that handle South East removals.

Benefactors are Still Crucial to the School

The problem that we have described above is better understood when we look at another issue that this great education institution has, which is funding. The greatest part of the money that enables the school to remain at the top of all universities in the world, comes from their benefactors. The problem is, that some of them have decided to stop their funding, as they disagree with the culture of the school. When families start seeing their name being dragged in the dirt, by the Woke movement which wants to change everything, it does scare them away from offering their money to help these same students. The current vice-chancellor, Louise Richardson, is hoping that students would raise a higher level of thought, in this regard, than simply the one that they acquire through social media. As she is about to step down, in a few months, she has warned that this situation puts the institution in great danger, financially speaking.

A University that attracts those who want change

The truth is that Oxford University is attracting leaders that want to change the world, one way or another. It includes those who were for the Brexit, and today, on the other side, students that believe in the Woke movement. But those changes don’t actually favour the university. In fact, it needs to look for financial stability, rapidly, or else that status of number one, may very well go down the drain, never to come back.

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