Releasing a New Version of Software or an Application: What does It imply?

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Software and application need to be continually reviewed. Otherwise, they may quickly become obsolete. The most important companies in the industry keep a team working at all times on fixing bugs and enhancing end users experience. However, these changes are all brought up together at the same time, when a new version is released. And to have the green light to do so, here is what must happen first.


The most important thing to do, before releasing a new version of software or an application, is to test it thoroughly in order to make sure that there will be no bugs in it, or at least as few as can be. If you release something that is less efficient and functional than the earlier version, many problems are bound to happen, and a large number of unsatisfied users will clog your customer service. Although this is precisely how Bill Gates used to work, when he launched his software at Microsoft, it is not the ideal solution. His theory was that he would let users discover the errors, which the company would then solve later on. Not many companies follow this method for obvious reasons. Therefore, no version should leave the company before tests are completed and everything seems to work perfectly.

Preparing Documentation

A new version must always be accompanied by updated documentation, which details all the features added, the bugs that have been fixed and any other changes that may have been done to the software or the app. This information will be inserted into a document called release notes. If you have never heard of them before, here is a release notes example. They are extremely important to many different people, as it can either affect their work or the way they use it. Programmers and customer service employees need to be aware of the changes for their job. The first will have to adapt their work according to the modifications that were done, and the second will need to understand them, so they can answer customers’ queries when they start coming in.

Release notes are also important to end users, for two main reasons. The first is that it will serve them as an instructional guide on how to use the new version and all its functionalities. Without it, there is a good chance that anything new on it will not serve end users, simply because they won’t know that new functions are available to them. The second reason that requires release notes to reach the company’s customers, is for them to know that the product is being well taken care of and that it remains at the top of its field. This way, the company makes sure to keep its client, as they are satisfied with their efforts of bringing them the best possible product on the market.

A Marketing Campaign Ready to Roll

Creating a new version of software or of an application takes time and money. Therefore, a company that releases one wants to make sure that it benefits from it, by bringing in new customers. And the way to do so is to launch a marketing campaign based on the new functions that can be found on the latest version. It should reach current customers as well, so that they can download it as soon as possible. If needed, this campaign should also include links to tutorials where end-users can learn how to make the most of the changes that were made. An internal campaign probably needs to be launched as well, especially for large companies, so that everyone is informed of the novelties.

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