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Nowadays, Japanese culture is not limited to the Japanese people only. With Internet, many persons have started to watch some anime. These Japanese tv-shows have a massive fan following in the whole world especially in America and European Union. These tv-shows are very popular all around the world thanks to multiple factors: spectaculars graphics, strong storylines and powerful musics. However, it is very hard to find safe anime sites on the Internet and you might be asking yourself where to watch anime safely? That’s why we made a list of all the anime websites.

The streaming sites: for those who don’t want to download animes

There are plenty of websites to watch animes safely. We tried to make a list with all the streaming sites but you might find more by exploring through the Internet.

Kissanime.ru: a streaming anime site with a great community

To start, we have chosen to speak about a russian site: Kissanime.ru is one of the safest streaming site for all the anime fans. First of all, it is famous because of the spectacular range of japanese tv-shows in it. Then, it became famous by providing a user-friendly interface for all the fans. Its interface is really easy to use and you will be able to search your next anime among thousands more.

Moreover, Kissanime.ru provide an amazing experience on the forums. It has one of the biggest anime communities. In this site, you can check hundreds of articles, reviews and news about your favorite animes.

AnimeLab: for a premium experience

Many people around the world prefer to pay for a premium experience. That’s the same thing for anime websites. With AnimeLab, you won’t be able to miss the last anime releases. This site is more than a unique streaming of anime site: it allows you to watch anime on almost every support: XBOX, PS4, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Google Chrome Cast, Apple airplay and many others. Although, there are many animes that you can watch freely but a major part of animes are locked.

Animexd.me: a serious-safe anime site

If you are a serous fan of anime, this site was created for you. Animexd.me provide an enormous amount of content with an excellent video quality and good english dubbed. Moreover, this site provides a long page of trendy’s anime movies and tv-shows. With it, you never can miss out the upcoming of the best anime. Due to its seriousness, you can imagine that it is a safe free anime streaming site.

Chia-anime.tv: one of the most loved anime site

Chia-anime.tv has one of the biggest fan bases of all. The major positive point of this site is the ability that they have to upload the latest content 10 times faster than the others. Moreover, it also provides an excellent video-quality for free users. The best part about this site is its credibility over the year: it hasn’t been banned for the past few years which means that you can enjoy your anime without being afraid of stopping brutally.

Animeseason.com: an anime site without pop-up ads

This anime website is very popular for this little amount of ads but also for its large range of anime content in high definition. During hours, you won’t encounter many ads. Moreover, this website is really easy to navigate through. With its smart interface, you will be able to find and locate your favorite anime movies or series quickly.

Animedao.com: one of the most known

If you are new to this culture, the first thing you want to do is to find a good site of anime streaming. When you have found animedao, you might ask: is animedao safe? Of course, this site with an enormous range of content is perfectly safe and completely free for all users. However, you may encounter many pop-up ads.

Crunchyroll.com: legality above all

This site is known for believing in legal content only. Crunchyroll.com is the bestest free anime website that you can find. Moreover, you can buy a premium access in order to don’t miss the next episode of your favorite anime. Due to its legality, this site is accessible in every country in the world.

Many torrent anime websites to download easily

If you don’t have a good connection, these streaming sites can make your nerves crack because of the buffer. So, if you prefer downloading series and movies directly, we made a short list of all the anime torrent sites.

  • Animetorrents.me: for all the fans, this is the best torrent site. It provides a really big amount of tv-shows and anime movies with a high quality definition and good english subtitles.
  • Anime-ultime.net has a significant position among anime fans thanks to is range of content but also by its safe torrents downloads.
  • Anime Layer is a site for beginners. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you are going to find your anime very quickly and easily.


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