Business agility and performance: the key role of IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances

Network infrastructure

DDI solutions support your business imperatives by effectively strengthening your network foundations. IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances have indeed been designed to deliver more reliability, resiliency and security to your network infrastructure, thus improving your business continuity while decreasing your operating costs. In order to deal with the new challenges of a dynamic infrastructure, every company should consider implementing a smart DDI to their system.

IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances: basic functionalities

DNS is a critical network service; without it, the network simply can’t function. Over the years, and with the ever-increasing number of devices, it has become crucial to implement tools that efficiently manage network services, including DNS, DHCP and IPAM.

By managing the entire lifecycle of IP addresses, DDI solutions bring more visibility to the network and ensure that everything on the network is working properly. These smart solutions help you overcome the complexity of IPAM-related processes. The tasks of network administrators are therefore reduced and simplified. An efficient IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliance should integrate:

As more and more devices connect to the network, companies have to adopt a tool that correctly manage the different network services. Moreover, the new IPv6 protocol is going to add more IP addresses across the network. Although a variety of DDI solutions are now available for network architectures, each of them include different advantages and drawbacks that you must pay attention to. Visit to learn more.

While in the past years, it was possible to manually manage IP addresses, it is no longer the case. Many IT managers used to use spreadsheets or similar applications in order to manage network services- but these ill-suited solutions involved risks, since they were not specifically designed for that purpose. Hard to update, they were also time-consuming and prone to errors. IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances offer a user-friendly solution that automates network processes and centralise the management of these complicated tasks.

Integrated IPAM and DNS-DHCP management: Choosing the right DDI solution

Integrated DDI have become a “must-have” for businesses that want to develop and successfully adapt in this highly competitive environment. There are now many DDI solutions including different features; for instance, DDI vendor EfficientIP proposes an integrated DDI solution called SOLIDServer.

The main purpose of this efficient software product is improving the performance, resilience but also the security of your network infrastructure. In order to do so, it ensures the management of IPAM with DNS and DHCP services in a real-time basis and in a single process. SOLIDServer provides significant benefits related to the agility, reliability and security of your network infrastructure. Its technology provides more consistency across the network. Here are some of the advantages provided by integrated DDI SOLIDServer:

  • It is cost-saving;
  • It facilitates the automation of the network infrastructure (and advanced automation enforces best practices);
  • It improves the reliability of your network and centralises its management;
  • It anticipates problems thanks to a continuous monitoring of the system, and to regular reports;
  • Finally, it enables IPv6 protocol and potential cloud configurations.

Thanks to these features, this technology enhances your company’s growth and improves your productivity. As a consequence, it also decreases operating costs. More than helping you efficiently manage DHCP-DNS-IPAM services, SOLIDServer eliminates the risks of conflicting configurations.

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