Will your Favourite Movie & Series Characters represent brands soon?

Associating a movie character with a brand

For years now, product placement has been used to help finance movies and TV series. There is no better example than the James Bond movies, where brand insertion has become part of the intrigue, as people wonder which watch he will wear, in the next installment. But can a character represent one particular brand on screen? It seems like this could be the next marketing frenzy in Hollywood.

Associating the Vision of a Character and a Brand

The concept of associating a brand to a character, came from the idea that the new generation (Millennials) expect more than just a product from manufacturers, today. They want to know if the company treats its employees fairly, if they don’t do any damage to the environment through their production plant, and they also want to learn about their vision of life.
That intrigued the creator of the Triality World, as he was working on the scripts of the future films and series. And so, he decided to look into it. He realized that there was something positive that could come for both viewers and companies, if he associated the various characters of this fiction world to brands. And so was born the concept of “seed-branding,” as invented by Triality Productions.

How does it work?

Product placement has become so popular for production companies, that it is starting to unnerve quite a few viewers. When full episodes of Stranger Things seem like a big advertisement for Burger King, something is not working anymore in the communication of the message, which is simply too heavy handed. The association of the brands and their character will not be emphasized through logo visibility on screen. The characters will become spokespersons for brands, through their presence on social networks, but also by appearing in their advertisement, at their gala evenings and other special events.
Actors playing characters inside the Triality World, will always be seen as they are in their role, and never as themselves. For example, if the actor does an interview, he will be dressed as the character would be, and he will answer questions as this fiction person he plays, in the films and series; never as himself. It will be the same, every time the character will be asked to attend any particular event.

The Triality World

These characters will all meet each other, in a unique universe, called the Triality World. There, they will be born through live storytelling, before being seen in a series or a film, and then inserted in other ones, as they live and grow in front of viewers’ eyes. That way, their favourite characters will be able to enter into other productions, creating more entertainment by having them meet each other, falling in love, building empires and travelling the world, as they face new challenges in different stories.
Seed-branding will accompany these characters through their life, just as every individual in our world represent the company we work for. It will become a more direct way for companies and their customers to be linked together, as the character will become an intermediary between the two.

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