Best Body Exercice You Can Do At Your Desk

Arms Push-ups at desk

Way to many jobs require to be sitting at a desk without any body exercice, which is totally against the laws of good health. Still, very few people practice exercice to keep their health up. If one if these jobs is yours, you probably know what we are talking about. Arm circle, leg stretch, aerobic, abs exercices… Here are the best body exercices you can do at your desk while sitting or standing nearby.

Why Practicing Desk Exercices ?

First of all, human being is not made to stay in place for a long time. To remain in good health, we need to move and exercice our body. If we don’t, our body does not eliminate what he needs to and our health deteriorates step by step. What is suprising is that so few people practice exercice to keep their good health.

Another thing is that all employer is not used to see his employees do body exercices at work, and this can be a problem for certain. If it is your case, remember to explain him that the humain brain is not able to focus on one thing for more than 45 minutes. So if you stop every hour to do one of the following exercice, not only will you body thank you, but your brain will also be more effective. Try it and see : after each exercices session, you will feel more focus and more efficient at doing whatever your job is requiring you to do. Ready? So let’s get started.

Warm Up : March In Place

March in place is the easiest exercice you can do : march with high knees and butt kicks for 30 seconds for each leg. If you like challenges, raise you arms over your head or swing them back and forth to make this exercice more complete.

Aerobic : Arms Cicles

Super common but very effective, arms circles is an optimal exercice for those who keep typing on a keybord all day long. Circle your arms forward and reverse the pattern, holding arms laterally out to the side – try and keep as horizontal as you can -, diagonally in front of you, then straight in front of you – still as straight as you can. Circle in each direction for 30 seconds and if you still like challenges, hold small hand weights and stop in front of you for 5 seconds each time you get there.

Leg Exercice : Seated Leg Raise

One more exercice you can do while sitting at your desk is the seated leg raise. First, you have to sit tall, then raise your leg straight up and squeeze your thigh muscles, holding this lifted position for two seconds before lowering. Do this exercice for 30 seconds for each leg.

Toes Exercice : Toes Raise

For this exercice you will need to be standing. On the same idea as the previous exercice, stand and hold onto a chair or desk and rise up on your toes, then back on your heels with your toes pointing upward. Repeat for 30 seconds. One could argue that toes do not especially need to be exerciced, but do it and see how it feel…

Abs Exercice : Seated Rotation

First of all, sit with good posture, elbows slightly bent. Then rotate to the right while keeping the hips and legs facing forward, keeping your abs contratcted at all time while bringing your body back to center and then to the other side. Remember to go slowly and concentrate on rotating only at the torso.

Core Exercice : Desk Plank

For this exercice, you will also need to be standing : place your hands on your desk with your arm straight and feet back away so your body is at an angle. Remember to keep your back straight at all time while coring tight. hold for 30 seconds and repeat if necessary.

Arms Strenght : Desk Push-Ups

You still want challenges? So while we are at it, why not carry on with desk push-ups : keep the position of the last exercice, wider a bit your hands – wider than shoulder width – and bring your chest to the desk. Press away and repeat for 30 seconds. When you finish this exercice, remember to stretch your arms behing your back to avoid soreness in the next few days.

Toning : Chair Tricep Dips

For this exercice, you will need a stable chair. If yours has weels, push it up against the wall or your desk. Then, place your hands next to your hips, palms down, fingers grabbing the chair. Push away from the chair, drop down, then use your arms to push yourself back up. Repeat for 30 seconds. Still want challenges ? Keep your legs straight out.

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