JRR Tolkien : No Release Date For The Silmarillion Movie Yet ?

God's land in the Silmarillion, illustration by Ted Nasmith

After “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies, every fan of JRR Tolkien’s adventures are expecting a release date for The Silmarillion movie, the most important piece of work about the Middle Earth. A massive project that we are still not sure yet if we will see a film about it one day.

The Middle Earth, More Than A World, A Whole Mythology

The Lord of the rings was far from being the first of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien‘s novel taking place in the Middle Earth. There are indeed twelve books taking place in his fantastic world, including The Lord of the Rings books and The Hobbit.

Amongst them, The Silmarillion is the one who tells the story of the creation of the Middle Earth. You discover there how the gods appeared, how they fought and how it gave birth to the Middle Earth. You learn how different creatures you can see in the Lord of the Rings and other novels taking place on Middle Earth saw the light of day. You also learn about the different languages and how to pronounce it, the multiple family trees descending from the gods to end to the characters you can meet again in the Lord of the Rings.

The Silmarillion is essentially Tolkien’s version of the Bible of Middle Earth. It contains origin stories, “religious” stories, and creation myths regarding how the gods of Middle Earth created the world and all things in it. What Tolkien created was not only a world, but a whole galaxy with many gods, civilisations, religions, languages and people. Did you know that he invented more than forty languages that are so complete that we could speak them fluently every day?

Any Release Date Given For A Silmarillion Movie?

Now the question is, will we see one day a Silmarillion movie? Hopefully yes, but after the great success of the Lord of the Rings and the very less successful Hobbit trilogies, we do not really know what to expect.

Still, let us remember that Peter Jackson who directed the Lord of The Rings films was not supposed to be directing the Hobbit ones. He was meant to be producer but when the actual director stepped down Jackson had to take over. Soon enough he realised that there was no script and that the job would be very difficult especially given the litte time he had to finish the films. He even confided that for the Hobbit movies the actors and the director were often making up lines on the spot.

About The Silmarillion some rumors have been heard about a year ago. In early 2016 it seemed as though a deal might have been worked out to allow for the production of a number of movies and other works based on the book, but no released date was given and nothing was heard since then. Did the deal fall through or is it because such a massive piece of work takes a long time to be preproducted ? Hopefully we will find out soon enough.

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