The Properties Of Yerba Mate

A preparation of Yerba Mate

Coffee is not the best for our health, we have known that for long. But it is so good and makes us feel so great that for many of us, our life is not imaginable without it. Problem is, it can lead to bad health problems such as stomach burns and ulcers. For those who are willing to stop coffee but still need something to boost them during long lasting desk job hours, here is a solution: Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate, What Is That?

Yerba Mate is a plant coming originally from South America, especially Argentina and Uruguay. Natives used to drink it as the plants of Gods. They would trade it against food or raw materials in order to build houses for example. It was a sacred plant that they respected as much as Gods. It was a bit like drinking a bit of the universe to bring divine energy into the body.

The Real Properties Of Yerba Mate

With time, scientist have studied this plant and discovered that there was no wonder natives used to venerate it that much. Indeed they found that Yerba Mate is naturally rich in caffeine, mineral sources, powerful antioxydants and that it was also an amazing source of vitamins.

Basically, Yerba Mate is like coffee in the way that it boost your brains thanks to caffeine, but also the mineral sources and vitamines helps not to feel the unpleasant side effects you might feel with coffee, like headheaches, stomach burns and insomnia for example. It boosts your intellectual capacities and at the same time feed your body and increases your vital energy.

How Do You Drink Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate is a plant you drink a bit like tea, but in a more traditional way. You pour the bits of plant into a wooden calabash made from a big dry nut fruit, you pour boiling water into it, you wait a little and then you drink with the help of a kind of steel spoon-straw called bombilla, which helps you drink only the beverage without the pieces of plant.

Traditionnaly, Argentinian people prepare a calabash for the group and pass it around to share. It is a bit like a ceremony and can be compmared to the preparation of mint tea in marocco, where everyone is gathered around the preparation to share a nice moment together.

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