The UK Government launched a Furlough Scheme to Help Those Temporarily Unemployed

UK scheme announced

As the UK went into a lockdown to protect the country against the coronavirus, it threw the economy into unknown territory as a large number of companies had to shut down temporarily, leaving millions of workers out of a job. The government stepped in with a furlough scheme to help but can you get another job to compensate for the partial loss of the salary?

Some May Have to Look for a New Job

These are unprecedented times that call for unprecedented measures. In the UK as well as in most of the developed countries around the world, governments try to find solutions as their economy is crumbling under the lack of activity, which is forcing employers to let go (at least temporarily) of their work force. In response, the UK government launched on April 20 a furlough scheme that will see employees receive 80% of their salary while this unusual situation continues.

But chances are, not everyone will be able to return to work once the COVID-19 sanitary crisis will have come and gone. Sadly, some will have to go into the personal file on their computers and revisit their career bio to try to find a new job. At least today, a job seeker can go online and find templates and examples of curriculum vitae to simplify the process and modernize the look of the presentation document. Although it is never easy when you find yourself in these circumstances, try to keep in mind that times of change are always good, because they are the moments in life when everything is possible.

How Does the Furlough Scheme Work?

For now, people on furlough may still want to add to their earnings to compensate for the 20% loss. However, receiving money from the government in this instance implies that you are still working for your employer and are only temporarily not working. Therefore, you could not be paid by the same company for another work you would do for them. Also, if they decide to place you on furlough, you will need to remain as such for a minimum of 3 weeks to receive the compensation determined by the House of Common. It does not protect you either in keeping your job for the future as your employer might decide, even while you are on furlough, to let go of your services.

The plan does mention the possibility for those on the furlough program to undertake some kind of training or do volunteer work, as long as it does not contravene the rules of public health guidance currently in place. There is a possibility that you could be eligible for additional support through the welfare system, so it might be a good idea to look into this!

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