What to see in Malaga, Spain?

Malaga's beach

Head towards Spain’s Andalusian coast and you will find the city of Malaga, part of the Costa del Sol. The city is packed with diverse and enriching things to do, culture, and history. It is culturally one of the most important historical sights in the country. It is the perfect place for a holiday no matter what you want from it. So where to go and what to do?

Puerto de Málaga

Getting around is best by hire car. There is plenty of good car hire Malaga firms and once you have wheels you can get around easily and quickly. This will allow you to visit Malaga’s most interesting places, such as it’s port. Malaga has adapted its port to be both cosmopolitan and functional. Situated a few minutes walk from the city centre and you will be greeted by rows of yachts and people sipping cool drinks and eating in good restaurants. You can take in the oceanic breeze while sipping cool drinks too and do some people and indeed boat watching. It is that cool.

Take a Food Tour

If you have a love of good food then a food tour of Malaga’s finest eats will be something you love. There are some great tours to try with private options available. Most food features tapas of some kind or another with local delicious offerings featuring high on the menu. This is a great way to get to know Spanish culture by eating amazing food.

The Cathedral of Málaga

The Cathedral of Málaga was constructed over a few hundred years between 1528 and 1782. It was designed in the renaissance style by Diego de Siloe. It is housed in a Baroque façade and once entered you are greeted by a series of frescos with arguably the sculpting talents of Pedro de Mena standing out.

To reach the cathedral head towards the historic town in the city centre. Although only the north tower was completed due to lack of funds, the cathedral remains one of the most significant landmarks in the region.

Picasso Museum Málaga

The genius artist Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga and the house where he spent his early years is now a museum. Better still, the Picasso Museum Malaga which is a short walk away from the house museum houses 230 of the artists works from the early 19th century until his death.

This is a must see even if you are not a fan of art. To make a visit more exciting the museum displays contemporary exhibitions so no two visits are the same.

El Pedregalejo

In a place known for cool beaches, it is fair to say that the 1.2kms of coastline that is El Pedregalejo is one of the coolest. It is a beach that offers everything from a place to sunbathe to a place to sip a cool beer.

The beach has a reputation for being one of the better nightspots in Malaga and it is effectively in use 24/7. No matter if you want to relax or party El Pedregalejo is the beach to come.

Malaga has it all and you must experience this exciting part of the world.

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