7 Strange Lands in Canada You Won’t Believe Exist

Ontario’s Cheltenham Badlands

The next time you pack a bag headed to Canada for a tour, forget about the Stanley Park and the CN tower. There is a lot that Canada can offer that will leave you amazed for the rest of your life. If you think I am giving these areas too much credit, you should head down to these seven places to see for yourself.

Ontario’s Cheltenham Badlands

During the Great Depression, poor agricultural practices caused a soil erosion in Cheltenham leading to the formation of the eroded Shale dramatically. This is how the Cheltenham Badlands were formed. Almost similar to Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park in China, the colors are formed by deposits of Iron Oxide.

Saskatchewan’s Crooked Bush

If you want to experience mystery and adventure, this would be the best place to visit. It is formed as a result of aspen trees growing towards the northwest side of Saskatchewan. The trees are twisted and creepy. However, there is a walking platform that will lead you through the thicket. This kind of formation may be because of some genetic reasons or as it may be presumed, some supernatural involvement.

Tremble Island/Turret Rock

Ever been to an Island that trembles due to the speeding waters around it? Tremble Island will do the honors. Turret rock is found on the Pacific coast of British Columbia. Waters around it move at high speed of about 30 km/h. With such a speed, you can tie a rope on the Island and enjoy a ski on the current.

Yukon’s Dawson City

For those who love visiting sites that give you an abandoned expression, Dawson City’s Paddlewheel graveyard is the place to visit. You will see the paddlewheel riverboats which were forgotten after overland traveling became more popular in the area. The riverboats were used as rescue boats for both people and products.

Glendon, Alberta

The largest Perogie in the world at 7.6 meters tall, is the Alberta tower. It is made of fiberglass and steel of about 2,700 kilograms in weight. If this were real, about 10,000 people would have a satisfying meal. Sometimes I think the builders should have added a cup of sour cream beside it to complete the meal.

British Columbia’s Spotted Lake

The spotted lake is among the world’s weirdest lakes. During the summer you will see circular weird mineral deposits after a significant amount of evaporation has taken place. The color of the deposits keeps changing depending on the composition of the minerals.

Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories

Tuktoyaktuk is a pingo or in a more clear way, a mound of ice which is covered by layers of soil. After the ice melts, it creates bizarre landscapes. You can visit Pingo National Park near Tuktoyaktuk to have a clear observation of this unique site.

With these sites, Canada will not be a routine visit for you the next time you stop by. Some of these sites could be creepy and amazing at the same time. You will definitely have something to share with your friends out of the ordinary.

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